Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mormon Temples: A Conversation with a Church Leader

My friend, Shauna, said,  "This is the best explanation I have heard about what goes on inside a Mormon Temple."  You can also see this video by clicking here

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Tender Mercies of the Lord by Elder Bednar

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"We should not underestimate or overlook the power of the Lord’s tender mercies. The simpleness, the sweetness, and the constancy of the tender mercies of the Lord will do much to fortify and protect us..." 
David Bednar

Monrovia/Duarte Seminary

What a great way to start each day.
We are studying the New Testament this year.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting to Know You...

Recently I had the opportunity of being in charge of selecting a “getting to know you” game.  Of course I consulted my daughters to see if they had any ideas.   Renee came up with a good suggestion.  I liked her idea, modified it, and named it.  This is the end result:

Introducing:  ME!

  1. What is your favorite place on earth?
  2. What is your dream job?
  3. Tell about someone who changed your life for the better.
  4. What is your idea of a satisfying day?
  5. What is something that you’re good at?
  6. What’s your favorite line from any movie?
  7. What is set as the background on your computer?
  8. What is your best scar?  Tell the story of how you got it.
  9. Is there a story behind your name?  What is it?
  10. Tell about a time when you went outside of your comfort zone.
  11. What was your favorite childhood toy?
  12. What famous line did your parent(s) use over and over?
  13. Tell about a valuable piece of advice that someone has given you.
  14. What are your three favorite spices

How to play:  

Print up and pass out the questions.  Without delay, tell the group that they will each be given the opportunity to answer any question.  A question can be answered more than once, because no question will have the same answer.  No one will be called on to answer a question.  Whoever is playing can volunteer to answer a question when there is a lull in the action.    To help this game be successful, don’t delay in starting after the questions are passed out.  When I’ve played this game, I’ll start as soon as the instructions are given.  I’ll usually answer #9....because I have an interesting story behind how my parents chose my name.  

I have played this game twice.  Once at an adult gathering and once with teenagers.  It was equally successful with both age groups.  

I’ll have to say, the funniest answers were given to question #8.  The question that no one answered each time I played it was #14.  

Have fun!

You can print up the link below, cut into fours, and pass out the list of questions. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reader's Digest quote

I found this quote in the July/August 2012 Reader's Digest magazine.  

To enlarge the quote, click on the picture. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

RNC 2012: Ted and Pat Oparowski

As you watch or read this speech, ponder the words of Ted Oparowski at the Republican National Convention:

"You cannot measure a man’s character based on words he utters before adoring crowds during happy times. The true measure of a man is revealed in his actions during times of trouble.  The quiet hospital room of a dying boy, with no cameras and no reporters – that is the time to make an assessment." - Ted Oparowski

Below are the remarks  given by Ted and Pat Oparowski on Thursday night at the RNC.  You can listen to the speech by clicking on the arrow above.  


“Good evening, folks.  My wife and I are people of modest means. I made my living as a professional firefighter for 27 years.  Prior to moving to Randolph, Vermont, we lived in Medford, Massachusetts. It was there where we met Mitt Romney and his family.

It has been over 30 years since we lost our son, David. The memories are still vivid and painful. But we wanted to share them with you because David’s story is part of Mitt’s story.  And America deserves to hear it.

Back in the early 1970s, Mitt visited our home numerous times with his oldest son, Tagg, tagging along. He was in the vanguard of our support system when we received the news that no parent is prepared to confront.

You cannot measure a man’s character based on words he utters before adoring crowds during happy times. The true measure of a man is revealed in his actions during times of trouble.  The quiet hospital room of a dying boy, with no cameras and no reporters – that is the time to make an assessment.

In 1979, tragedy struck our family when our youngest son, David, age 14, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.”


“Over a period of seven months, he was in and out of Children’s Hospital in Boston for treatment. Throughout that agonizing period, Mitt took time from his busy schedule to visit David. They developed a loving friendship.  On one of his visits, Mitt discovered that David was very fond of fireworks. He went out and bought a box full of “BIG TIME” fireworks that had to sit on the closet shelf because they couldn’t be set off in the city. We waited until we were able to go to Ogunquit, Maine, where we set them off on the sand dunes – with permission from the fire and police departments.

Through that simple but thoughtful gift, Mitt brought joy to a young boy who hadn’t experienced any for too long. He also gave the rest of us a welcome release.

On another visit, David, knowing Mitt had gone to law school at Harvard, asked Mitt if he would help him write a will. He had some prized possessions he wanted to make sure were given to his closest friends and family.  The next time Mitt went to the hospital, he was equipped with his yellow legal pad and pen. Together, they made David’s will. That is a task that no child should ever have to do. But it gave David peace of mind.  So, after David’s death, we were able to give his skate board, his model rockets, and his fishing gear to his best friends. He also made it clear that his brother, Peter, should get his Ruger 22 rifle.

How many men do you know would take the time out of their busy lives to visit a terminally ill 14 year old and help him settle his affairs?

David also helped us plan his funeral. He wanted to be buried in his Boy Scout uniform. He wanted Mitt to pronounce his eulogy. Mitt was there to honor that request.

We will be ever grateful to Mitt for his love and concern.

We humbly wish that God will continue to bless Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their efforts. In doing so he will bless the United States of America.”

RNC 2012: Pam Finlayson

This was an amazing speech given at the Republican National Convention given by Pam Finlayson.

"It seems to me when it comes to loving our neighbor, we can talk about it, or we can live it.  The Romney’s live it every single day." - Pam Finlayson

                  Click on the arrow to view the speech or read the transcript below.

“In 1982, my husband Grant and I moved from California to Massachusetts, with our newborn son.  Being a church-going family, we looked for the nearest chapel and soon found ourselves in a congregation led by a clearly bright and capable man, named Mitt Romney.

I knew Mitt was special from the start.  We didn’t own a dryer, and the day he stopped by to welcome us, I was embarrassed to have laundry hanging all over the house. Mitt wasn’t fazed.In fact, as we spoke, without a word, he joined me and started helpfully plucking clothes from around the room and folding them.  By the time Mitt left, not only did I feel welcome, my laundry was done!

As Grant and I juggled school, jobs, church and family, we grew to love the Romneys.  They became role-models and friends, and we were honored when Mitt and Ann regularly trusted us to stay with their five rambunctious – but very loving – sons when they traveled.  It was when our daughter Kate was born three and a half months early that I fully came to appreciate what a great treasure of friendship we had in Mitt and Ann.

Kate was so tiny and very sick.Her lungs not yet ready to breathe, her heart unstable, and after suffering a severe brain hemorrhage at three days old, she was teetering on the very edge of life.

As I sat with her in intensive care, consumed with a mother’s worry and fear, dear Mitt came to visit and pray with me.  As our clergy, he was one of few visitors allowed.  I will never forget that when he looked down tenderly at my daughter, his eyes filled with tears, and he reached out gently and stroked her tiny back.  I could tell immediately that he didn’t just see a tangle of plastic and tubes; he saw our beautiful little girl, and he was clearly overcome with compassion for her.

During the many months Kate was hospitalized, the Romneys often cared for our two-year old son, Peter. They treated him like one of their own, even welcoming him to stay the night when needed.  

When Thanksgiving rolled around, Kate was still struggling for life.  Brain surgery was scheduled, and the holiday was the furthest thing from our minds.  I opened my door to find Mitt and his boys, arms loaded with a Thanksgiving feast.
Of course we were overcome. When I called to thank Ann, she sweetly confessed it had been Mitt’s idea, that most of the cooking and chopping had been done by him.  She and the boys had just happily pitched in.
Eventually we moved from Boston. Our daughter Kate grew into an amazing girl of faith and love.  But complications of her birth remained with her, and after 26 years of both miracles and struggle, she passed away just a year and a half ago.

In the midst of making the final decision to run for President – which had to be the most difficult of their lives – when they heard of Kate’s passing, both Mitt and Ann paused, to personally reach out to extend us sympathy, and express their love.

It seems to me when it comes to loving our neighbor, we can talk about it, or we can live it.  The Romney’s live it every single day.When the world looks at Mitt Romney, they see him as the founder of a successful business, the leader of the Olympics, or a Governor.  When I see Mitt, I know him to be a loving father, man of faith and caring and compassionate friend.

It is with great excitement and a renewed hope, to know that our country will be blessed as it is led by a man who is not only so accomplished and capable, but who has devoted his entire life quietly serving others.

That man is Mitt Romney.”

After reading or watching this speech, you can judge for yourself what kind of person Mitt Romney is.