Thursday, October 22, 2015

Face to Face with The Piano Guys

On Tuesday night I watched Face to Face with The Piano Guys.  

You can enjoy watching a couple of clips from the program.

The program opener was the group playing, What Makes You Beautiful.
 You can also see the video by clicking here

Impromptu Jaz piece with The Piano Guys and a couple of people from the audience
You can also see the video by clicking here.

Jon Schmidt is playing the piano upside down and backwards
You can also see this video by clicking here.  

Deseret News explains what The Piano Guys did during the Face to Face program:

The Piano Guys answered youths' questions about maintaining their standards in the music industry, finding happiness, keeping the Sabbath day holy and many other topics. They also performed several songs, including an arrangement of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and "I Need Thee Every Hour" that they created specifically for this event.

You can watch the whole program by clicking here

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Power of Music

I was blessed to grow up in a home where I was exposed to a lot of music.  My brothers and I had our own record player with a record collection of children's songs.  My mom had albums of  musicals, like Camelot and movies, like Sound of Music.  My mom played the organ at our church, so I was exposed to hymns.  My mother was also the pianist for a singing trio.  My mom listened to the radio station KABL, San Francisco (a music station that played classics)  as we drove around in the car.  We watched Andy Williams TV show faithfully.  As a teenager in the 60's and 70 I listened to a lot of Beatle's and Monkees music.  (Hey, Hey, we're the Monkees!)

I always knew music was powerful.  As I listen to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I am taken back to my childhood where I am watching The Wizard of Oz in our family room with my family.  This clip shows how song writers use music to touch our lives and take our emotions places.
You can also see the video by clicking here

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I will alway cherish the close association and friendship we've been able to enjoy for the past 8 and 9 years with Kent and Sue Cornwall, and Walter and April Steimle as Scott, Kent and Walter served together in the Arcadia Stake.
This picture wast taken in the Steimle's lovely new home in Bakersfield.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jesu, the Very Thought is Sweet

I enjoyed watching Elder Richard G. Scott's funeral this past week.  As I listened to this song that was sung at his funeral, I felt so much peace.  After you listen to this song, I'm sure you will agree with me.  
You can also see the song by clicking here.  

I showed this clip from the funeral to my seminary class the next day.  Elder Scott's son, Michael W. Scott beautifully describes the type of person his father was by using the scripture mastery scripture found in  Abraham 3:22-23.
You can see the above click by clicking here.  
You can see the whole funeral by clicking here.   
The funeral program starts at 19:30 on the funeral video