Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Song Guessing Games

Here are a couple of games that involves guessing Christmas songs.  I got these years ago, probably from  a PTA social.

Name the Christmas song:


Game #2


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Christmas greetings through the years! With love, The Magpad

"We find the real joy of Christmas when we make the Savior the focus of the season."  
~Thomas S. Monson












The Magpad presents
a negative look at 2006






















Married December 28, 1977

Merry Christmas! 
With love,  The Magpad

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Face to Face with The Piano Guys

On Tuesday night I watched Face to Face with The Piano Guys.  

You can enjoy watching a couple of clips from the program.

The program opener was the group playing, What Makes You Beautiful.
 You can also see the video by clicking here

Impromptu Jaz piece with The Piano Guys and a couple of people from the audience
You can also see the video by clicking here.

Jon Schmidt is playing the piano upside down and backwards
You can also see this video by clicking here.  

Deseret News explains what The Piano Guys did during the Face to Face program:

The Piano Guys answered youths' questions about maintaining their standards in the music industry, finding happiness, keeping the Sabbath day holy and many other topics. They also performed several songs, including an arrangement of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and "I Need Thee Every Hour" that they created specifically for this event.

You can watch the whole program by clicking here

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Power of Music

I was blessed to grow up in a home where I was exposed to a lot of music.  My brothers and I had our own record player with a record collection of children's songs.  My mom had albums of  musicals, like Camelot and movies, like Sound of Music.  My mom played the organ at our church, so I was exposed to hymns.  My mother was also the pianist for a singing trio.  My mom listened to the radio station KABL, San Francisco (a music station that played classics)  as we drove around in the car.  We watched Andy Williams TV show faithfully.  As a teenager in the 60's and 70 I listened to a lot of Beatle's and Monkees music.  (Hey, Hey, we're the Monkees!)

I always knew music was powerful.  As I listen to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I am taken back to my childhood where I am watching The Wizard of Oz in our family room with my family.  This clip shows how song writers use music to touch our lives and take our emotions places.
You can also see the video by clicking here

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I will alway cherish the close association and friendship we've been able to enjoy for the past 8 and 9 years with Kent and Sue Cornwall, and Walter and April Steimle as Scott, Kent and Walter served together in the Arcadia Stake.
This picture wast taken in the Steimle's lovely new home in Bakersfield.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jesu, the Very Thought is Sweet

I enjoyed watching Elder Richard G. Scott's funeral this past week.  As I listened to this song that was sung at his funeral, I felt so much peace.  After you listen to this song, I'm sure you will agree with me.  
You can also see the song by clicking here.  

I showed this clip from the funeral to my seminary class the next day.  Elder Scott's son, Michael W. Scott beautifully describes the type of person his father was by using the scripture mastery scripture found in  Abraham 3:22-23.
You can see the above click by clicking here.  
You can see the whole funeral by clicking here.   
The funeral program starts at 19:30 on the funeral video  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rally 'Round the Flag - Richard Elliott

This performance by Richard Elliot is a Magnusson favorite.  Enjoy!
You can also see the video by clicking here.  


All LDS missionaries safe after earthquake in Chile displaces 1 million people
I got the headline and picture from a Deseret News article  here

Many of our family and friends have called me to ask if I heard the news: There was an 8.3 earthquake in Chile! Sam is serving in Chile, Rancauga Mission. He is assigned to work in the city of San Javier. The news reported that earthquake is near the city of Illapel. I looked up the milage between the two cities and San Javier is about 150 miles south of Illapel. I’m pretty sure that Elder Magnusson is out of harm’s way, but I’m sure that there are missionaries serving in the Illapel area along with Chilean people that could use our prayers at this time.

2 hours later.....

We received this email from Sam's mission president.

Dear parents-you have seen on the news that this evening we had a strong earthquake here in Chile near Coquimbo which is about 350 miles north of us on the coast.  We felt the main earthquake and a number of aftershocks here in our mission.  We do not have cell service with some parts of the mission at this time but we have established communications with the majority of our missionaries and they are all fine.  There have been no reports of structural damage or injuries in the general population. 

We have 10 missionaries who are on the coast and they are taking precautions regarding possible tsunami events.  Those cities involved are Pichilemu and Constitución.  No other cities or areas of our mission are at risk of a tsunami.   We are blessed to have members and local leaders in both towns who take a great deal of interest in the safety and well-being of our missionaries.  

We will send out another email tomorrow after we have made contact with 100% of our missionaries.

If you have any questions please do not reply to this general email address but rather email me directly at -------------

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Warmest regards,

Presidente Warne
Misión Chile Rancagua

This email was sent to us this morning from the mission president:

Dear parents-thank you for your patience with us as we reestablish communications with our missionaries this morning.  As expected the cellular networks were overloaded last night after the earthquake and it became impossible to make contact with some sectors of our mission.  We have now had contact with 100% of our missionaries and they are all fine.  We were confident of this last evening but called each companionship this morning once service was restored.  There were no issues with tsunamis in our coastal towns of Pichilemu and Constitución.  We appreciate your love and concern for the missionaries and this great work.  Again, if you have any questions please do not reply to this email but rather contact me at -----------

Warmest regards,

Presidente Warne
Misión Chile Rancagua

Here is one more communication about the earthquake from  with the headline:  All LDS missionaries safe after earthquake in Chile.  Displaces 1 million people.  

This video talks about a missionary who was serving in Chile during the 2010 earthquake.
You can also see the video by clicking here and cue it up to 0:30-2:40

Monday, July 20, 2015

On a Wonderful Day Like Today

When I was a little girl, my mom played for a trio of lady singers.  If my memory serves me right, the singers were Rea Rader, Lacy Fitzgerald, and Karen Mortensen.   They sang many fun songs.  A couple from my memory are:  On a Clear Day, and On a Wonderful Day Like Today.  Whenever I hear any song that the group sang, it immediately brings me back to my childhood.

I was brought back to my childhood as I was listened to the Pioneer Day Program that aired this weekend.

You can also hear the song by clicking here.  

This is a picture of my mom and dad that was taken
about the time that my mom played for the trio.
Thanks for the great memories, Mom!

Magnificent Seven

One of Scott's favorite songs is the theme song from Magnificent Seven.  It was great to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform the song as they opened their 2015 Pioneer Day program on Saturday.
This is a picture of Scott enjoying the song. 

You can also listen to the song by clicking here.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cajon Pass Fire!

We are feeling very blessed after arriving home from our trip to Utah and Idaho last night.   We could have been caught in a traffic nightmare from a fire on the I-15 as we drove home yesterday.  

Just outside of Barstow, we saw the plume of smoke ahead of us.  As we checked on the traffic conditions on my iPad, I saw that the freeway was closed in the Cajon Pass.  We quickly planned an alternate route through Palmdale to avoid the mess. 

Our view traveling southbound on I-15 just before Victorville

On our alternate route by way El Mirage Rd and Palmdale Blvd.
They are roads that run parallel to Highway 18  (three miles north).

We are stopped while waiting for a train in Palmdale.

Almost home.  
Notice the traffic headed north on I-5 trying to get out of LA.

You can also see the above video by clicking here.  Start watching at 1:00

Here is the news story from Yahoo news found here and copied below.

...Saturday's relief (from an earlier fire) followed sheer chaos on Interstate 15 on Friday, when a wildfire began next to the freeway. Fueled by 40-mph winds, the blaze raced uphill and onto the traffic-clogged freeway, trapping hundreds of people amid a cauldron of smoke, flames and ash.

"We were surrounded by the flames. They were to the left, then in front of us and they came around to the right. We were in a big horseshoe in the middle," Russell Allevato said.

The Michigan man, who was on vacation with his family, watched helplessly as flames engulfed his rental car and destroyed everything inside while he, his nephew and two teenage daughters fled to safety.

"People were screaming. It was just crazy," he said.

Drivers and their passengers had no choice but to abandon their cars as the flames hopscotched down the freeway, destroying 20 vehicles, several of which exploded in fireballs.

Amazingly, only two people were injured. Both suffered minor smoke inhalation, authorities said, but declined medical attention.

Among those trapped by the flames was Lance Andrade, a 29-year-old railroad conductor from nearby Apple Valley, who found himself caught in the traffic jam just as the fire jumped the freeway. Soon people were running toward him and he joined them, only to find there was nowhere to run. Flames had surrounded him and the others.

A panicked-looking firefighter ordered everyone to take cover, and Andrade said he huddled with four other men and two elderly women in the back of a tractor-trailer rig until the flames passed. One of the women, who had become separated from her family, began to cry. Everybody was terrified.

"You could hear the explosions from people's vehicle tires popping from the heat," Andrade said. "You could hear crackling. Smoke was coming in every direction. You could feel the heat. We just waited it out and prayed to God.”

The initial firefight was hampered by five drones that were being flown in the area when fire broke out, said Lee Beyer, a U.S. Forest Service spokesman. He said several firefighting aircraft were delayed or diverted until the drones moved out of the area.

Nelly Venzor said she and several members of her family, including her 95-year-old mother, abandoned their car and received a ride to their home in nearby Hesperia from a stranger in a pickup truck.

"When the fire just jumped to the other side of the freeway I thought, 'It's really hot and my mom is in the car. And if we have to run it has to be done now. Quick, before we get stuck here and roast,'" Venzor said.

"People could not move their cars. People were running. I thought, 'OK, this is it.' I really did," she said.

California is in the midst of severe drought, and wildfires are common. Some break out near freeways, but it's very unusual to have vehicles caught in the flames.

It being a Friday afternoon, however, Interstate 15 was typically jammed with vehicles traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Adding to the congestion was construction work going on in the area, said San Bernardino County Fire Capt. Josh Wilkins.

Allevato and his family had left Las Vegas earlier in the day for Los Angeles, where they had hoped they might meet the Kardashian sisters at the family's West Hollywood clothing boutique.

Allevato's 15-year-old daughter, Leah, was devastated.

"We waited two years for this vacation, and I saved all my money," she said. "I was thinking about it every day, and I finally got here and I have no clothes ... I waited so long, and it's ruined.”

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Harris Heritage: Dennison and Emer Harris

As you can see from my genealogy chart shown below, Emer Harris is my third great-grandfather.  My father is Kiefer Weston Harris on the left of the chart.   Emer Harris is the brother to Martin Harris as you can see on the far right of the chart.  (you have to turn you head to read the names)
I ran across a story of courage about my third great grandfather, Emer Harris and his teenage son, Denninson, (shown in yellow highlights on the chart) that was told by Elder Dallin H. Oaks in the April 1987 Priesthood Session of General Conference.   Elder Oaks starts off explaining that the story  involves his second great-grandfather, Emer Harris.  That means Elder Oaks and I are related through Emer Harris!
You can also view the video by clicking here.  Start at 11:59  and go to 16:01

As a boy, I was inspired by a story of courage in Nauvoo, which involved my grandfather’s uncle. In the spring of 1844, some men were plotting against the Prophet Joseph Smith. One of the leaders, William Law, held a secret meeting at his home in Nauvoo. Among those invited were nineteen-year-old Dennison Lott Harris and his friend, Robert Scott. Dennison’s father, Emer Harris, who is my second great-grandfather, was also invited. He sought counsel from the Prophet Joseph Smith, who told him not to attend the meeting but to have the young men attend. The Prophet instructed them to pay close attention and report what was said.

The spokesmen at this first meeting denounced Joseph Smith as a fallen prophet and stated their determination to destroy him. When the Prophet heard this, he asked the young men to attend the second meeting. They did so, and reported the plotting.

A third meeting was to be held a week later. Again the Prophet asked them to attend, but he told them this would be their last meeting. “Be careful to remain silent and not to make any covenants or promises with them,” he counseled. He also cautioned them on the great danger of their mission. Although he thought it unlikely, it was possible they would be killed. Then, the Prophet Joseph Smith blessed Dennison and Robert by the power of the priesthood, promising them that if their lives were taken, their reward would be great.

In the strength of this priesthood blessing, they attended the third meeting and listened to the murderous plans. Then, when each person was required to take an oath to join the plot and keep it secret, they bravely refused. After everyone else had sworn secrecy, the whole group turned on Dennison and Robert, threatening to kill them unless they took the oath also. Because any refusal threatened the secrecy of their plans, about half of the plotters proposed to kill these two immediately. Knives were drawn, and angry men began to force them down into a basement to kill them.

Other plotters shouted to wait. Parents probably knew where they were. If they didn’t return, an alarm would be sounded and a search could reveal the boys’ deaths and the secret plans. During a long argument, two lives hung in the balance. Finally, the group decided to threaten to kill the young men if they ever revealed anything that had occurred and then to release them. This was done. Despite this threat, and because they had followed the Prophet’s counsel not to make any promises to the conspirators, Dennison and Robert promptly reported everything to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

For their own protection, the Prophet had these courageous young men promise him that they would never reveal this experience, not even to their fathers, for at least twenty years. A few months later, the Prophet Joseph Smith was murdered.

Many years passed. The members of the Church settled in the West. While Dennison L. Harris was serving as bishop of the Monroe Ward in southern Utah, he met a member of the First Presidency at a Church meeting in Ephraim. There, on Sunday, 15 May 1881, thirty-seven years after the Prophet Joseph Smith had sealed his lips to protect him against mob vengeance, Dennison Harris recited this experience to President Joseph F. Smith (see Verbal Statement of Bishop Dennison L. Harris, 15 May 1881, MS 2725, Historical Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City; the account was later published in the Contributor, Apr. 1884, pp. 251–60). Dennison Harris’s posterity includes many notable Latter-day Saints, including Franklin S. Harris, long-time president of Brigham Young University.

Franklin S. Harris is my Grandfather's brother.  I enjoyed reading this story of courage and am proud of my Harris heritage.