Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Power of A Testimony

The lesson I learned from Lisa this week:

-last night i felt like a real missionary. i normally don´t contribute much to lessons. i can give part of the lesson we have prepared, but answering questions and elaborating on doctrine are way beyond my language abilities right now. so my comp does most of the speaking. but last night we contacted a lady that we found in our area book--the elders had tracted her out once. she was not very nice to us--her countenance was very hard and she basically just wanted to argue. she believes in God (everyone does--they´re all catholic or evangelical) but didn´t believe His or our message could help her with her life. my poor comp was going in circles with her. after some time, i interrupted and bore my testimony. she ended up breaking down and began sobbing--her mom died some time ago and her depression has led her to drinking. she basically has no purpose or hope. i shared a scripture with her from the book of mormon, and she began to first she was smirking at my sad attempts at spanish,but later asked about my family and my home and how long i had been here, etc.

Thanks, Lisa, for teaching me about the power of a testimony.

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