Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello, Sandy!

Kristine meets Sandy  -  Hurricane Sandy, that is.

We were able to communicate with Kristine as she experienced her first hurricane.  We "chatted" via the Internet.

This was the first picture she sent before the rain came.  It looks like some pretty strong winds are going on.  (check out the palm trees)
This is a picture of her walking back to her dorm after dinner on Thursday. She wore her snorkeling mask so her face and eyes could be protected from the flying debris.  
Hi, Sandy.  How are you?

Here is part of Kristine's last email home.

I survived my first hurricane. Here is what I learned:

-Trees with shallow roots fall down

-Everything gets wet and stays wet (you go outside for like ten seconds with your jacket and your jacket will be wet for days)

-I can’t imagine what a category 5 hurricane would be like (we were in a category 2 and a category 5 can EASILY kill people)

-It’s not so much as the wind and the rain that is dangerous, it’s the things that can fly around and hit people…or trees falling on stuff

Campus pretty much always had power and internet and phone usage. Also yesterday and today the phone system has been down and the internet has been on and off. It’s off right now so I’m typing this on a word document and I’ll copy and paste it on the email tomorrow…if it’s back up again. But man, if we didn’t have power, all of our food would have gone bad and it would be really boring without having any lights on at night. I pretty much read Thursday night when the storm was blowing through full force... Campus is right on the beach but we don’t ever have waves cuz we are in something called “the sound”, it’s kind of like a bay. So we didn’t have waves crashing up on shore and flooding us, the water level just rose a lot and there were some waves, but they weren’t that big. A lot of the buildings leaked and made them smelly. Luckily the girls dorm didn’t leak. It just got smelly from everyone’s wet clothes hanging everywhere and not drying. We had sustains winds over 105 mph. Crazy.....

.....K, I’m going bed. Night all!

Goodnight, Kristine.  Sweet dreams.


  1. Kathleen, where is Kristine located? Glad to see she survived ok. I can imagine it must be pretty scary to witness.

  2. Kristine is on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. The island is 3 miles wide and 100 miles long.