Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

It's beginning STILL looks a lot like Christmas!  Look at the date (January 12th) and we still have our Christmas decorations up.    Life has been too busy with other things going on to take the time to take them down.  I don't mind.  I really like what we have collected over the past 35 years of marriage.

The other day I went around the house and took pictures of some of my favorite decorations.  I decided to do a blog post about the pictures I took.

I got this nativity set when I was around 10 years old from my church primary class.  
We were to use it to help tell the story of Jesus' birth to our family. 
Lisa picked up the nativity set that us underneath the shelf from Guatemala when she visited there on a study abroad. 

When Scott worked for Temple City Unified School District, 
he purchased this cute tree from a fundraising boutique put on by the PTA.
It is not typical for Scott to pick up a  boutique item.

 This is the view of our family room. 
I'm glad that when we added on to our house 20+ years ago we included a fireplace.

 I got this on clearance from Pic 'N Save for $5 one year after Christmas.
I was with my Mom when I got it.  It reminds me of her.

 We were married in December 1977. 
 Dip and drape was the rage in the 70's.
Someone made us this set for a wedding gift. 
I got the etched nativity glass to the right from a thrift store (look closely, it's hard to see it in the picture)

 My Sister-in-law, Kerri, hand painted this porcelain nativity set. 
I think of her when I put it out.

I love collecting nativity sets.  These are a few that I have collected.  
They are on a low table so when any children come over, they can play with them. 

The plan is to take the decorations down tomorrow...If it doesn't happen, that's OK.  We'll try again next week. 

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