Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Summer Garden that Almost Wasn't

Tradationally we plant our summer garden over spring break.  This year we were in Utah having a grand reunion after Lisa's return from her mission...

Life was hectic upon our return.  Pony packs of tomatoes weren't found at Home Depot and life went on.    Thank goodness for a volunteer tomato plant that reminded us that we really did want to have our tradational 18 tomato plants in our garden plot so we can  enjoy unlimited tomatoes with our summer meals and homemade salsa stashed away in our freezer. 

Scott is standing next to our volunteer plant
 As I walked through Walmart earlier this week I found some tomato packs along with a squash, cucumber, and pepper plant.  I was so happy to purchase them. I was even happier that they didn't die waiting for the weekend to come so we could plant them. 

 The finished garden
 (Kathleen standing by the row of tomatoes and Scott with the other vegtable  plants).
Now we can't forget to water the garden. 

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