Friday, October 25, 2013

"My soul delighteth in the words of Isaiah" 2 Nephi 25:5

Seminary!  You've gotta love it.

First of all, I'm greeted every morning by wonderful smiling students.  Take Logan for example.  I couldn't help but snap this picture of him when he walked into class yesterday.  What a great t-shirt.  What a great smile so early in the morning.  What a great kid, as all my seminary students are! 

Second- When you are in seminary, you can study and learn more about the great prophet, Isaiah. 

The coming up week in seminary we are going to learn that "great are the words of Isaiah."  3 Nephi 23:1 

*Did you know that:
  • Isaiah is the most quoted of all the Old Testament prophets.
  • The writings of Isaiah deal with events of his day as well as events beyond his time. 
  • The bulk of Isaiah's prophecies deal with the coming of the Redeemer.
  • A major difficulty in understanding the book of Isaiah is his extensive use of symbolism, as well has his prophetic foresight and literary style. (I guess I'll brush up on my understanding of symbolism, prophecies, and his literary style)
*these tidbits about Isaiah are found in the Bible Dictionary

Below is a video telling of Isaiah's writings of the Savior

You can also see the video by clicking here

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