Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dutch Heritage

I found this video is on our Church's website. It is called, That We Might Be One: The Story of the Dutch Potato Project.  It is a very interesting story of service and forgiveness.
You can also see the video by clicking here.
Click here to see a Church News article on the subject of The Dutch Potato project.   

I am proud of my Dutch heritage and the  efforts of the Dutch Saints after World War II.  I remember my hearing my Great Aunt Teuntje's stories about living in Holland during and after the war.
This is the Hendrik and Wilhelmina Meijer family when they lived in Holland
My (Kathleen's) great grandmother, *Gerritjo Meijer, is sitting on the front row on the far left side.

The rest of the family are as follows:
    From left to right on the back row:
    Hendrik,  Derik Jan, Wilhelmina (Everts) holding her child, and Hendrik Everts  

    From left to right on the front row:
    Gerritjo, Henrick and Wilhelmina Meijer, Berendina, and Dirkje (Dora)

This is the family of Gerardus (George) and *Gerritjo (Guirtie) Meijer Bernards 
This picture was taken when they lived in the United States. 
My great grandmother and grandmother are on the back row
    From left to right front row:  Bessie Knapp Bernards (John's wife), Le Grand, John, and Anita

    Back row from left to right George (father), Guirtie (mother), Minnie (Kathleen's grandmother)

If you want to find out about your family tree, 
a great free website is at:  

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  1. My grandfather and my uncle served missions in Holland. LeGrand Richards was one of my grandfather's companions there.