Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Punny Valentine

I got an email from from Orange Cat for a link for Punny Valentine ideas.  For anyone who knows the Magpad, we have been known to have some interesting conversations around the kitchen table trying to out pun each other.

When I saw Orange Cat's post, I decided to cut and paste it onto our blog.  You can see the origional post by clicking here.  Thank you Julie Ward for the clever ideas.

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, the stores are already starting to fill up with Easter decorations-never mind St. Patrick’s Day-and you’ve done it again.  You’ve arrived too late to the holiday-aisle party and the coveted, must-have, character (or celebrity) Valentines your kids have their hearts set on are gone.  Instead of convincing them to get the “see, these are super cute,” generic, picked over knock-knock joke Valentines you made them get last year, skip the holiday aisle altogether and make your own funny, punny Valentines.

All you need are a few easy-to-find items, a printer and some creativity!  You can make valentines that include a sweet treat, or if you’re trying to avoid a major sugar rush, something useful or homemade.  The key is to connect a sweet saying with a fun item.  Make cards, tags, stickers or bag toppers to attach to your item. Play around with fun fonts, and if you have a color printer, colors.  

Then, wrap them, tag them, attach them or tie them with a sweet bow and voila!  Cool, clever Valentines for friends, family and even the whole class!

Some examples to get you started:

To this saying….            Attach this!

I dig you!                         A plastic sand shovel with M&M’s
I like the way you roll     Roll of Rolos or Toosie Rolls
You rock, Valentine!        Pop Rocks
I’m hooked on you          Swedish Fish
You blow me away          Balloon (uninflated) or bubble gum
I’m crazy about you        Crazy straw
We’re mint to be             York Peppermint Patty
I’m mad about you          Page from a Mad Libs book
I’m fortune-ate to have you as a friend  Fortune cookie
You blow my mind, Valentine!                Mini-bubbles
It’s Valentine’s Day…have a ball!          Bouncy ball
You make my heart glow  Glow stick
You light up my life!         Glow stick
You’re #1 in my book       Homemade bookmark
Hope your day is chalk full of fun   A stick of sidewalk chalk
Valentine, you are just write            Pen or pencil
You’re a great catch!                       Bag of Goldfish crackers
Can I co-coax you to be mine?        Hot cocoa packet
You warm my heart        Hot cocoa packet
You rule!                         Ruler
I’m a sucker for you!      Lollipop
You a-maze me, Valentine    Mini-maze puzzle
I’m stuck on you               Sheet of stickers
I’m bananas over you       Banana
I like you a hole bunch     Donut holes
Won’t chew be mine?       Gumballs
I think you’re beary nice, Valentine    Teddy Grahams
You are awesomesauce!   Applesauce cup
You’re my main squeeze  Squeezable applesauce
A big bear hug for you     Gummy bears
You cracker me up           Graham crackers or Cheez-its

Start the day off right! With a little bit of preparation, you can create a fun Valentine’s breakfast made entirely out of these Valentines:

You’re my main squeeze       Small bottle of orange juice
You’re the apple of my eye   Small bottle of apple juice
Donut you know how much I love you?        Donut
I’m bacon you to be my valentine    Bacon!
Don’t waffle: Say you’ll be mine!    Toaster waffles
You’re cereal-ously cool       Mini box of cereal
You’re my lucky charm        Mini box of Lucky Charms

While you’re at it, make one of these bigger valentines for teachers your own family celebration!

You’ve got a pizza my heart   Gift card for pizza
You’re my superstar               Tickets to a movie or concert
Yo! Happy Valentine’s Day!   Gift card for fro yo
We make a great pair             Cozy socks
Don’t ever change                  Bag of quarters
You are sew cool!                   Mini sewing kit
Bee Mine                                Honey bear and tea

And, whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, bee sure to have a grape day!

Julie Ward

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