Friday, May 22, 2015

Good bye, Sam.

Sam arrived in Chile on on Wednesday after a 20+ hour flight which started in Long Beach California on Tuesday morning.  On Wednesday morning we got this funny email from him announcing his arrival:

Family and friends,

so, i am here in chile! i made it safely. i met up with other elders and sisters along the way.  in total, there were about 8 of us... i will send pictures later.

in the last two days i have had about 3 hours of sleep and still haven't had a real meal. they gave us a fake dinner on the plane which wasn’t that good but, it helped. after we landed, we had to go through security which basically meant people were yelling at us in spanish and they were getting really frustrated because we wouldn’t obey. i guess it’s going to be like this for the next 6 months. then we met some church worker that drove us to a mission housing place.  things are a lot different down here. the drivers are terrible! no one knows how to drive. i almost saw 6 accidents on the way over here. things look ok...i should survive. i have to go and i love you all!

This morning I saw this clip from a reality TV show called, Two Brothers Two.  The show is a documentary that follows the lives of two brothers, Luke and Sam,  over a span of 20 years.    I initially saw this series about 2 years ago.  As I watched the clip about the older brother's experiences in Chile this morning, it took on a whole different meaning knowing that Sam will be experiencing some of the same things as the brother in the video. (except the part about the earthquake)
You can see the whole series of Two Brothers Two on Youtube by clicking here.  

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