Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Cancer is a Disease of Love"

It seems as if we will all have be touched by cancer sometime in our lives.  Either ourselves, a family member, or a friend will fight this disease.  Over the past 30 years my mother has battled breast, colon, and skin, cancer.  She eventually died of Parkinson's last year.
In 2007 I remember hearing a talk given by Steven Snow as he talked of his own mother's battle with cancer.  His statement, "...cancer is a disease of love" intrigued me.  His next sentence explains the opportunities that come our way as we face cancer.

"A few years before my mother passed away, she was diagnosed with cancer, a disease she fought with great courage. As a family we learned, strangely enough, that cancer is a disease of love. It provides opportunities to mend fences, say goodbyes, and express love.”
Steven E. Snow
Oct. 2007 LDS General Conference

I am grateful for the many different opportunities that have come my way to mend fences, say goodbyes, and express love.

The quote was taken from this talk by Steven E. Snow.  
You can also see the video by clicking here.

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