Friday, June 23, 2017

Then and Now

On Mother's Day weekend, 2015, was the last time the Scott Magnusson family were together before Sam left for his 2 year mission to Chile.  Kristine had just returned from her mission to Oregon and Sam was preparing to leave for his mission.  
In May, 2017 Sam returned from his mission.  Two months later in July Scott and Kathleen will leave for their mission Belize.

Last week we were blessed to gather together once again at Pineview Reservoir for a family reunion.
 Ogden Temple
The biggest difference is that we have more brothers!  We love that since 2015 Dave M. and Bryce have joined our family as husbands to Renee and Kristine.
We can't wait to see what changes will happen over the next two years when we'll gather again in 2019.

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