Monday, August 22, 2011

Gems from Lisa's First Email Home

How to be fluent in Spanish in 9 weeks:

 ..."we taught our first lesson EN ESPANOL to an "investigator" yesterday (that would be our second full day of being here).  and we have a follow-up lesson with him today ... nerve wracking.  but, this teaching method is so inspired.  we must teach even though we don't have the language skills to really teach--so we learn humility and faith real quick.  plus, we are more motivated to learn!  there are so many resources available to us, though.  preach my gospel (PMG) is awesome, and they really utilize technology here.  we have time everyday to go to a computer lab and do lessons in grammer, vocab, phrases, speaking, doctrine--all in our language, and all based off the lessons in PMG--and we can choose the lessons based on our needs and go at our own pace.  this really helps to supplement the instruction we get from our teacher.  we have also learned to pray in spanish and all our prayers are to be in spanish.  right now, mine are mostly a funny mix of spanish and english, but i say what i can."

Life with 19 year old Elders: 

 "....we do everything with our district (10 of us)...classes, workshops, planning, meals, gym...all of us are going spanish speaking.  4 to salta, and the rest to ft. lauderdale and phoenix.  the elders are definititely 19 years old, but funny and not intolerable.  (i just helped one with his laundry. "...hermana? can i wash this towel with my whites? how do i turn on the washer?")  funny." 

What Lisa knows:

 " you all!  i know that Heavenly Father is aware of us and wants us to be happy.  i know that if we put our faith in him, we will be blessed.  there is power in the scriptures!"


  1. She sounds like she's taken to the program like a duck to water!! Go Lisa!!

  2. Lisa sounds wonderful! I'm so happy for her, what an amazing experience.