Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Late Bloomers

We were gone on our church history tour for three weeks starting June 20th. Because we were gone for so long, we  purposefully didn't plant our summer garden until we came back the middle of July.  

We did plant some tomatoes plants just before we left because they don't need a lot of attention.

This is our garden today. We planed these plants from pony packs about one month ago.

Here is a yellow zucchini that is just beginning to grow.
Yea for late bloomers!

We planted lettuce from seeds a month ago

Pepper plants

Our first red tomato from the plants we planted just before we left.  
Thanks to our neighbor, Scott,  for watering them while we were away.  

I can hardly wait to have a BLT with some of our home grown tomatoes.  
 I bought some bacon today.  

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