Monday, October 17, 2011

Volcanic Ash Cloud

Lisa is scheduled to fly to Argentina today. We'll see if she makes it.

Volcanic ash cloud grounds flights in Argentina and Uruguay
17th October 2011
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Flights to major airports in Argentina and Uruguay were suspended yesterday as a dangerous ash cloud from the Puyehue volcano in neighbouring Chile began to drift into the countries' airspace.
Jorge Newbery Airport in Buenos Aires was shut down, and flights at Ezeiza airport south of the Argentinian capital were also grounded.

Both international and domestic flights have been affected in Argentina, including routes to Mendoza on the steps of the Andes mountains and Ushuaia in the far south. Bariloche airport is also currently closed.
American Airlines, Lufthansa, TAM and Gol have also cancelled a number of their flights to the Argentinian capital.
Argentina's transport secretary Juan Pablo told reporters that officials were waiting for the ash cloud to pass before the airlines operating out of the airport could resume their operations.

.....Later today

I just got a call from Lisa. She having a layover in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas airport. She is on her way to Argentina hoping that her carry-on luggage (that they took away from her because there wasn't enough room to carry it on her plane) makes it to Buenos Aires. She sounded great and ready for this new adventure!

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