Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Grateful for Volunteers.....

I don't think the world would go around if it wasn't for the wonderful volunteers that touch our lives. I'm grateful for the volunteers I work with in the PTA.  I'm grateful for scout masters, Sunday school teachers, and missionaries. The list goes on and on....

....but today I'm grateful for my volunteer lettuce garden.  Yep!

My life was too busy this past fall to plant my winter garden.....

Happy was the day when I saw the little volunteer lettuce sprouts growing in my garden plot among the weeds about two months ago. The volunteer lettuce came from my last lettuce garden that went to seed last summer at the end of their season. You better believe I took the time to pull out the weeds and let my little volunteer lettuce garden take root and grow.

Please pass the lettuce salad and poppy seed dressing.  


  1. had a volunteer pumpkin once. We nourished it and plucked it from the vine just in time for Halloween that year. It was awesome. Congrats on your lettuce. It looks amazing.

  2. When I've had "volunteer" plants, they have always been somewhat diminished in quality. Maybe they were "diminished" to start with!

    Yours look great!