Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Trent!

This is my nephew, Trenton

He is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christi of Latter-day Saints.

He is serving in Uruguay.

I was reading the email he sent home yesterday. 

I was happy he lived to tell the story.
Well we had a great week.  But, what really is on my mind right now is what happened last night. It was a crazy adventure. So last night I woke up to a phone call at 3:00 in the morning. It was a call from  Elder Ponce telling me that he just got off the phone with the Hermana missionaries, they called him telling him that a man broke in their house and was still in the house and he wasn´t leaving. Well hearing that gave me a big scare, so I woke up Elder Rubio and grabbed a broom stick and we took off running for the house of the Hermanas a few blocks from our house. Well as we showed up, six other Elders had just showed up.  Well  Hermana Gonzales was  on the second floor looking out the window yelling, ¨we locked ourselves in our room, but he is still in the house, hurry and come up to help us.¨  Well I´m not going to lie, imagining a man in the house of the Hermanas at 3:00 in the morning really freaked me out. We had no idea if there was  one person or more, or what they had to defend themselves with. Well without thinking twice, with my broom stick in hand,  I led the charge up the stairs in the dark. As we arrived to the door, it was broken open and there was a pair of pants lying on the floor. Not a good sign... Well I was living my nightmare as I entered the dark apartment with no clue what lied ahead. We found the light switch and made our way to the Hermanas room. We left  some Elders there to protect the sisters, and contined our seach. Well it turns out the guy closed himself in the other room and didn´t want to come out. We told him to stay there and we called the cops. After being put on hold for 3 long minutes listening to elevator music we told the cops what had happened and they came to the rescue. They took the old naked drunk out of the room as he claimed he was in his own house. Thankfully it was no big threat.  The next day it turned out that the old drunk was the new next door neighbor, and while coming home drunk got confused and went in the wrong door. He came and said sorry the next morning.  Long story short, don´t drink, you just make a fool of yourself and you could end up getting beat with a broom stick by a bunch of Elders.

I’m grateful for his willingness to do what he needed to do to 
protect the sister missionaries. 

I hope there are elders in the Salta, Argentina Mission 
who would do everything they needed to do to 
protect the sister missionaries there. 

Hermana Rosas and Magnusson serving in the Satla, Argentina Mission

I'm sure there are.

Missionaries serving in the Salta, Argentina Mission

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  1. Oh the stories the missionaries have to tell - in the years ahead it will make a great "object" lesson somewhere!

    And the Lord is watching over Lisa - and all the missionaries!!